Fairfield moves forward on public water expansion


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Fairfield moves forward on public water expansion
Residents in “hot spots” of PFAS contamination would be connected to new water lines.

Author: Vivien Leigh (NEWS CENTER Maine)
Published: 7:09 PM EDT March 24, 2022
Updated: 7:09 PM EDT March 24, 2022
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FAIRFIELD, Maine — Plans to extend water to residents on wells polluted by toxic chemicals known as PFAS are moving forward in Fairfield.

In June, voters will be asked if they are in favor of a $48 million project to extend new water lines to more than150 homes on private wells, which had elevated levels of the PFAS.

On Wednesday night, more than 100 people packed a public meeting to hear more details about the multi-million dollar project that would extend water to parts of Fairfield, considered “hot spots” for PFAS contamination.

The town was at the center of the state’s largest PFAS investigation, involving sampling more than 300 private wells.

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