‘Anti-racist’ professor Ibram X. Kendi says Republican Party is ‘party of white supremacy’

Ibram X. Kendi, who has made headlines for proclaiming himself to be the “anti-racist” professor, said that Republicans are the “party of white supremacy.”

In addition to being a professor and author, Kendi heads up Boston University’s Center for Anti-Racist Research.

What are the details?

Kendi, author of “How to Be an Anti-Racist,” penned an op-ed for the Atlantic in which he branded the GOP as deeply sinister and racist.

In the op-ed, Kendi said that the Republican Party is guilty of using “dog whistles,” such as calling itself the “party of parents.”

He added that “Republican politicians care about white children,” “anti-racist education is harmful to white children,” “Republican politicians are protecting white children by banning anti-racist education,” and that the “Republican Party is the party of white parents because it is protecting white children.”

“The foundational assumption of this great myth is that Republican politicians care about white children,” Kendi claimed. “But if they did, then they would not be ignoring or downplaying or defending or bolstering the principal racial threat facing white youth today.”

“This Republican Party is not the party of any group of parents, but the party of white supremacy,” he concluded.