Genius troll? Tucker Carlson has Lefties and Never Trumpers caterwauling about ‘testicle tanning’ and LOL we can’t EVEN make this up

Approved ~ Primus Pilus

Testicle tanning. Alrighty then.

Hey man, we write about a lot of silly stuff (we have to, considering we cover the timelines of Eric Swalwell, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and other ‘winners’ on Twitter) so you KNOW we’ve got to write about testicle tanning that is literally TRENDING ON TWITTER right this very minute.

Tucker Carlson’s upcoming Fox News documentary on manly men has well and truly screwed with the Left and Never Trumpers. Maybe if CNN+ had come up with a documentary that actually got people’s attention (good or bad?) they wouldn’t be laying off so many people?

They just can’t deal:

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