Musk Makes the Mask Slip – The Tesla CEO’s bid to buy Twitter has prompted many prominent figures to admit bluntly that they oppose free speech.

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Not only does the Left rule; it is accustomed to ruling. Its leaders suffer from “arc of history” brain—a tendency to assume that every cultural dispute will in the long run break their way. In consequence, progressives have lost the knack for game theory. They forget that the other side gets a move, too, and they tend to be shocked when it goes ahead and makes one. Progressives act surprised when the institutions they’ve politicized lose legitimacy. They are mystified when the large swath of society on whom they heap scorn flocks to populist politicians. They howl in protest when an eccentric billionaire resists their effort to make “hate speech” mean “things that offend woke activists.”

It’s a pattern. The Left adopts a tactic; the Right shows that two can play; the Left clamors for new rules. Nothing has shifted faster, as a result of Musk’s actions, than the Left’s attitude about private ownership of social media services. For years, “build your own!” was a common progressive response to conservative complaints about content moderation. But that Musk might acquire Twitter points up the need, Pao insists, “to prevent rich people from controlling our channels of communication.” This in the Washington Post—an outlet owned by Jeff Bezos!


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