Texas man fatally shoots neighbor, continues yard work after disputes over dog, officials say

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A dispute between Texas neighbors over a dog resulted in a fatal shooting of a man, authorities said.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release 70-year-old Eric Lee Elliott and 60-year-old William Duncan Womack had an ongoing dispute over Womack’s dog running loose in their neighborhood about 60 miles northeast of Houston.

On Friday afternoon, Elliott was working on his front yard when Womack’s dog went onto his yard. Authorities said Elliott saw Womack’s stepdaughter and told her he would kill the dog if they didn’t keep it off of his yard.

Womack’s stepdaughter then went inside their home and informed Womack of Elliott’s threat. Womack walked into the street to talk to Elliott, but witnesses told police when the two met, Elliott kicked Womack in the leg and pulled a handgun from his waist and shot Womack in the stomach.


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