Six years of BLM Killed More Blacks than 86 Years of Lynchings


Six years of BLM Killed More Blacks than 86 Years of Lynchings

By Ronald J. Kozar

In 2014, the number of black American murder victims was 6,095. Then, after the August 2014 killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, anti-police protests and riots began, federal officials and mass media sympathetic to rioters brought heightened scrutiny to police practices, BLM began its career, “broken windows” policing was curtailed, and police morale plummeted.  The number of murders thereupon began to surge, never to return to 2014 levels. 

The “excess” murder victims from 2015 through 2020 who were black — that is, the additional black victims each year beyond the 2014 baseline — add up to 11,005.  Compare that to the number of lynchings during the heyday of Jim Crow.  According to the Tuskegee Institute, the number of blacks lynched from 1882 through 1968 was 3,446.

Here are the numbers of black murder victims from 2014 through 2020:

       Year  No. of   Blacks Murdered“Excess”   Victims
 2014     6,095     —
 2015   7,039     944
 2016   7,881   1,786
 2017   7,851   1,756 
 2018   7,407   1,312
 2019   7,484   1,389
 2020   9,913   3,818

The numbers come from the FBI, though the FBI report for 2020 was visible online for only a short time in 2021.  Crime analyst Jeff Asher reported the 2020 figures before the FBI took the report down.

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