Trump: ‘Deranged Group of Extremists’ Running US


By Eric Mack  

Pulling no punches, former President Donald Trump excoriated President Joe Biden and his stumbling administration at his Save America rally in Delaware, Ohio, on Saturday night.

“In this moment together, we’re standing up against some of the most menacing forces, entrenched interests, and vicious opponents our people have ever seen or fought against,” Trump told his rally, which aired live on Newsmax. “Despite great outside powers and dangers, our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister, and evil people from within our own country.

“There is no threat as dangerous to democracy as they are. Just look at the un-select committee of political hacks and what they’re doing to our country while radical-left murderers, rapists, and insurrectionists roam free: Nothing happens to them.

“And [Biden is] doing all of this while [Vladimir] Putin does nothing but talk about nuclear weapons and destroying the world. We have our signals very crossed in our country. We have never had a situation like this.”

Trump blasted the “energy war” under Biden in the U.S., as Russia is waging war on Ukraine.

“Our country is being run by a deranged group of extremists — the treacherous crusade against American energy and Ohio energy,” Trump added.