Joe Biden Versus We the People – Inflation, illegal immigration, allegations of domestic terrorism — is Biden trying to lead our country or destroy it?

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Perhaps most revealing, as reported by the Washington Examiner, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Florida) tweeted photos appearing to show “[s]helves and pallets packed with baby formula” at holding facilities for illegal aliens. This, of course, while actual U.S. citizen parents are frantically scrambling from store to store to ensure their babies don’t starve.

Translation: Illegal aliens rule the roost.

But it’s not just the open-borders/pro-illegal alien lobby that plays our ruling class like a fiddle; it’s also the zealots in the environmentalist movement. During the same week that nearly 30 states are reporting all-time highs for average gas price at the pump, the Biden administration has canceled offshore oil and natural gas leases in both Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. But Biden has simultaneously admitted that energy accounts for a whopping 60 percent of the inflation Americans are now experiencing. Higher fuel prices for trucks and tractors, after all, trickle down and affect all goods and foodstuffs farmed and shipped.

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