The DOJ’s criminal probe against Donald Trump is well underway

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Yesterday the New York Times broke the bombshell news that the Department of Justice has a federal grand jury criminally investigating Donald Trump for having taken classified documents with him to Mar-a-Lago after he ceased being President. Except it wasn’t a bombshell. It wasn’t even necessarily news.

A month ago, the House Oversight Committee (not to be confused with the January 6th Committee) requested evidence in relation to this same Trump scandal. In response, the DOJ sent the House committee a letter denying the request, saying that giving such evidence to the committee would compromise its own investigation into the matter. This letter, which was reported by the Washington Post and others, served as absolute confirmation that the DOJ was criminally investigating Trump. But within days, the media decided to ignore this news, and largely went back to insisting the DOJ wasn’t investigating Trump.

Given that the DOJ has been criminally investigating Trump over this matter for at least a month, it’s not a surprise to learn that the DOJ has a grand jury involved, and that the grand jury has been subpoenaing people. That’s just how the process works, once the DOJ launches a criminal probe. Given last month’s news, it would have been shocking if a grand jury weren’t empaneled. Yet because the media is still so insistent on pushing the ratings friendly false narrative that the DOJ isn’t investigating Trump, people were shocked yesterday to learn that the DOJ is in fact pretty far down the road in investigating Trump.

This is in addition to the DOJ’s January 6th grand jury targeting Trump world, which was reported five weeks ago, and has been active for at least four months.

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