The Question on Abortion and the LBGT?

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The Question on Abortion and the LBGT?

America today is in crisis on the subject of abortions, brought in by Christian lawmakers attempting to override an earlier Abortion bill.  Which was made legal across the US after a landmark legal ruling in 1973, often referred to as the Roe v Wade case.  Now, evangelical Christians have infiltrate government to establish their wrongly imbecilic interpretations of biblical laws.  Laws that these Christians could not hope to succeed or achieve from the pulpit or through evangelizing.  I say wrongly interpretations of the Bible or their sheer ignorance, and lack of knowledge of their so-called holy scriptures is making them adapt an anti-humanity stance.  Making things up, so to speak, as they wallow in their supposed God’s Law., and forsaking the secular law of the land.  

A foetus (US fetus) is an unborn baby, which cannot survive outside a womb.  The foetus normally becomes a baby after its full cycle in the womb has been completed, and has left the womb and birth canal, and taken a breath of air for the first time.  Very similar to what the Bible states.  

The Old Testament of the Book of Genesis: 

The Lord God formed the human from the topsoil of the fertile land and blew life’s breath into his nostrils. The human came to life. Genesis 2:7 CEB  


Then the Lord God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. Genesis 2:7 NABRE  God is telling believers that a baby becomes a living human being once it takes its first breath!

So why are Christians so intent in meddling into the privacy, and the wishes of women, and their reproductive body?  The Bible plainly states the life begins with the first breath!  The misogynist Bible also tells us that God through his priest does abortions on women, Numbers 5:11-22.  Aptly known in the misogynistic world of the Abrahamic religion as the test of the unfaithful wife.  Christians say that God has given them freewill.  So if God can abort, surely his creation made in his own image can also have the ability to carry out abortions.  

The Hypocrisy of Christianity!

As I have forementioned, life starts with the first breath, meaning that a foetus is not a viable human until it takes its first breath. So says the scriptures!  Yet, Christians seems to show a lack of biblical knowledge on the subject.  Most Christians claim to read, and know the Bible, but the likes of abortion and homosexuals creates  intolerance.  Even wrongly using translations such as male bed to equate as homosexual to help authenticate their bigotry. Showing their unnatural obsession and their sexuality immaturity, but also their compulsion to create chaos, and antagonism towards the LBGT community.  Yet, they are blinded by their own saviour’s impropriety with a naked young man [Mark 14:50-52], as mention in their scriptures and Christian texts.  It is sheer hypocrisy for Christians to attack the Gay community.  Early history of Christianity was awash with Homosexualism.  Going back to an earlier time, especially from 320s BCE, with the death and decline of Alexander the Great’s Empire. With the advent of Christianity, many scholars would say that it would have been harder to spot the Heterosexual amongst the ancient church-father.  Let alone hearing that Jesus and his disciple were a roaming band of Homosexual. Not my words—they are the words of scholars! If we are to quote history.  One can say that the population of the Middle East at the time stated was maintained and driven by Bisexual Orientation.  

The scholar Caldwell in the footnotes on the Homosexual matters said: There was a general belief in the early years of the Christian era that Jesus and his disciples were a roaming band of homosexuals. This would have been natural in the remnants of Alexander’s empire, but anathema to the Jews. Since at least one Zealot was a disciple, this is unlikely. However, some rites of the inner circle seem to have involved breaking the homosexual taboo. In some areas, this got out of control, and some branches of the early church were vigorously homosexual.

Some early writings, like “The Secret Gospel of Mark” have been lost, but the surviving writings show that the controversy was both heated and prolonged.  

An Army of radical Christian Reconstructionists is preparing a campaign to convert conservative fundamentalist churches.

The Chalcedon Foundation, named after a 451 A.D. council that proclaimed the state’s subservience to God, was started in 1965 by Rousas John Rushdoony, who is known as “father of Christian Reconstruction” theology. Led by Rushdoony’s son, Mark, since the elder Rushdoony’s death in 2001, the foundation continues to push for the imposition of Old Testament law on America and the world.

What do you say?


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