D’Souza Targets Fox News, Says Network Banning Mention of ‘2000 Mules’

D’Souza, in posts on Twitter, claimed that the network has banned mentions of his documentary, which alleges widespread voter fraud took place during the 2020 presidential election, a claim that former President Donald Trump continues to make.

Earlier this week, D’Souza fired off missives against another network and a Fox News host for their lack of coverage of his film.

He said that Newsmax was “blocking coverage” of 2000 Mules by canceling his scheduled appearance on one of the network’s programs.

D’Souza also mentioned that Tucker Carlson and his team had prohibited Catherine Engelbrecht, the head of True the Vote, who had a hand in the making of 2000 Mules, from saying the name of the film on the air.


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