GOP Staffers Fired in Wake of Potential Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Pennsylvania: Report

Republicans have spent the year and a half since Donald Trump’s election loss claiming without evidence that Democrats have been working to rig the nation’s elections. They’ve pointed to Pennsylvania, in particular, one of the main battlegrounds in the right’s effort to overturn the 2020 election results. The conspiracy theory that the state’s elections were crooked has been pushed so fervently that voting officials even sued Trump and his cronies for defamation over the unfounded allegations.

But as is proving to be the case across the nation, in Pennsylvania it’s Republicans who seem to be the ones trying to game the system to their advantage. The PhiladelphiaInquirer reported last week that Billy Lanzilotti, a 23-year-old GOP operative and chairman of South Philadelphia’s Republican Registration Coalition, was signing voters up to receive mail-in ballots, but having the ballots sent not to the homes of the voters, but to the PAC’s P.O. box. Republican leaders voted on Saturday to remove him from his post as the leader of Philadelphia’s 39th ward, and the Inquirer reported on Wednesdaythat two state party staffers were fired because of their affiliation with Lanzilotti’s PAC.

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