Is The Fried Chicken Sandwich, The New Hamburger?

Is The Fried Chicken Sandwich, The New Hamburger? | Right Wire Report

Go to most fast-food restaurant websites and discover how prominent the fried chicken sandwich is—seems it’s overtaking the burger.

Nearly three years ago, a chain chicken outlet, Popeyes, put a fried chicken sandwich on their menu. It became so popular that lines formed outside their stores and a Maryland man was stabbed to death when he cut in front of other customers who were awaiting the Classic Chicken Sandwich. Today, nearly every place one can drive through and pick up food has a version of the fried chicken sandwich highlighted among their offerings.

The standard recipe for the fried chicken sandwich is a breaded and fried piece of breast meat, a brioche bun, mayonnaise or a mayonnaise-based sauce, lettuce, and dill pickles.

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