President Biden slam dunks Donald Trump

Donald Trump has always dreamed of thrones. I suspect Donny Do-little has always wanted, in fact, to be a king. He likely regards it as his right. The lord of the lies suffers from deep delusions of grandeur and also has the mistaken belief that he is intelligent.

In his tiny and lost brain, I imagine the crown of Trump’s dreams is a large one — the bigliest crown of all. It is bejeweled and regal and dwarfs its competition in grandeur and style. Luckily, that’s not reality.

But, guess what? There is someone who agrees with Donald Trump — that he does indeed deserve to be king. No, really! There is someone who shares this belief — and that someone is a person we all admire. It is President Joe Biden.

Yep. The President believes Trump should be a king. He even said it himself. President Biden even gave Trump his own title! Here it is: “The great MAGA King.”

That is the nickname bestowed in his royal failure by President Joe Biden. A fitting nickname, I’d say. Now let us view the context that which this name was spoken in. “Look at my predecessor, the great MAGA king — the deficit increased every single year he was President.”

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