New Memorial Day poll: Americans grateful for good food, cheap stuff

National pool opening day, according to most citizens.

What is Memorial Day?

Starting with the big picture, we asked respondents to share, in their own words, what exactly Memorial Day is. Roughly three-quarters of Americans agree that Memorial Day constitutes both the day when pools open across the country, and when that one comic book movie premiers in theaters. And two-thirds also agree that it is a series of days where things you might need or want are on sale. 

A smaller but still sizable portion of respondents — likely recreational sailors or professional croquet players — look forward to the holiday and its accompanying social permission to wear white pants. A small fraction of respondents — within the margin of error for this very statistically sound poll — said something about the troops.

What were people dying for?

After clarifying to respondents that, before this holiday became all of the aforementioned, it was meant to remember those who died in military service, we asked respondents to tell us why they thought our fallen heroes made the ultimate sacrifice.

An overwhelming majority agreed across four categories.

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