Wayne LaPierre States Mass Shootings Can Be Perfectly Safe When Carried Out By A Trained, Responsible Gun Owner

Addressing the massacre that occurred at an elementary school in the state only three days earlier, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre told attendees at the organization’s annual meeting Friday that mass shootings could be perfectly safe when carried out by a trained, responsible gun owner. “By following a few basic gun safety rules, there’s no reason a mass shooting should hurt anyone,” said LaPierre, who lamented that the recent string of shootings in Uvalde, TX; Buffalo, NY; and Laguna Woods, CA, among countless others, could have been a stress-free experience for everyone if the gunmen had only enrolled in the right training course. “It’s all about knowing how to properly handle your firearm. That’s why the NRA offers a variety of courses to teach prospective mass shooters the best practices. Gunning down dozens of people can be completely harmless and free of danger, but you’ll never see the left-leaning media covering the safe shootings, will you?” At press time, LaPierre had offered to demonstrate.

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