Science Can Debunk the Bible’s Claim, of Humanity Created by Omnipotent Creator!

Jero Jones


Science Can Debunk the Bible’s Claim, of Humanity Created by an Omnipotent Creator!

According to the Christian OpenBible site, there are a 100 or more verses in the Bible that claim we are all made in God’s image.  Well, that cannot be as we are all different, we come in Black, Brown, Yellow, and so-called White, but that term is ambiguous as we are mostly pinkies, but for me in winter I am more the colour of Blue. That is not all of it, as there is more difference that debunk the Christian evangelical and fundamentalist “God Image.”  We are all vastly different! Even from the smallest thing, such as our fingerprints, even identical twins have different fingerprints. The chances of having the same fingerprint as someone else is astronomical, as 1 in 64 trillion.  That is more than all the humans who have ever lived. So, the Book of Genesis and all the other gospel verses that claim humanity was made in their god’s image, is very misleading at best. And to believe in such nonsense beggars’ belief. However, I have not yet finished discounting the Bible unfounded poppycock which is forced on to children in Sunday school, and those ignorant believers. Thanks to science we have a human genome, we can discount any-and-all religious mumbo-jumbo that an omnipotent invisible deity created us. A genome is an organism’s complete set of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), a chemical compound that contains the genetic instructions needed to develop and direct the activities of every organism. DNA molecules are made of two twisting, paired strands. Each strand is made of four chemical units, called nucleotide bases. The bases are adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). Bases on opposite strands pair specifically; an A always pairs with a T, and a C always with a G.

The human genome contains approximately three billion of these base pairs, which reside in the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes within the nucleus of all our cells. Each chromosome contains hundreds to thousands of genes, which carry the instructions for making proteins. Each of the estimated 30,000 genes in the human genome makes an average of three proteins. For what I want, we can forget the proteins and go straight to chromosome, the Y-Chromosomes! We all have them, and it can tell what clan, tribe, nation you belong to in the past. I have a different Y-Chromosome than an Englishman, German, or any European nation today, unless it has Celtic-Gaul bloodline, such as the Cornish, Breton’s of France, et al.

Again, as a people, my nation (Cymraeg/Welsh) has a different Y-Chromosomes to those of nearest neighbour, the modern English people. (I say modern English because they derive from a myriad of different Germanic people.) So theoretically, Genesis is a lie. The evidence is true for the Native American people, and the white settlers, with a plethora of different Y-Chromosomes.

There is no truth in what the Bible says that God made us, and that we are all the same. We get our traits from our parents, as our parents got their genes from their generation’s past, from time immemorial thanks to evolution. From our earliest ancestors the Hominoids (great apes) when we first separated from our nearest then relative, some ten million years ago. We have diverged four or more times, during our evolution, taking the best traits from our nearest kin in the family of hominids before every divergence. Leaving the Hylobatidae, Ponginae, Gorillini, and the Panina Pan to evolve in their own way, with Panina Pan being the closest relative to man, sharing 99% of our DNA. Humans evolved into what we call, today, Homo Sapiens or the Wise Man. Looking back at the last two thousand years, and the world as it is today, one has to say, is Wise Man even the correct term to use for what we have become.

If we listen to Christian teachings, their God could not have created humankind, as we are all unique to ourselves, and we are what nature made through evolution. Man is an animal, no different to the beast of the forest, we procreate to keep our species going, and to say we have a soul and made in a god’s image is an affront to once intelligence! What do you say?


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