Uvalde school massacre was God’s plan says Texas AG Ken Paxton – ‘life is short’

james blue

The Uvalde school shooting last month that cost 19 young children and two teachers their lives was God’s plan, says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“Life is short,” Paxton told radio host and pastor Trey Graham, who had asked the Attorney General what he would say to “give a little comfort” to the parents of the elementary school students slaughtered by an 18-year-old with two AR-15 style assault weapons.

After admitting that he would be “devastated” if he lost a child, “especially in a way that is so senseless and seemingly has no purpose,” Paxton said, “I would just have to say, if I had the opportunity to talk to the people I’d have to say, ‘look, there’s always a plan,'” as Salon reports.

“I believe God always has a plan. Life is short no matter what it is,” Paxton continued. “And certainly, we’re not going to make sense of, you know, a young child being shot and killed way before their life expectancy.”


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