The growth of science over primitive faith


Throughout human history and the entire history of our ancestors, the earth around us and the viewable universe has been a source of wonder and curiosity. In much the same way as a modern young child sees his or her immediate environment for the very first time.

As a young child’s eyes continue to develop and begin seeing with an increasing clarity after birth for the very first time. The amasement and wonder at the experiences that child is going through is not hard to imagine. As the same wonderment and curiosity has plagued our human ancestors throughout their evolutionary progression.

For millions of years, our ancestors have been looking at their world and wondering how and why their small part of the earth behaves the way it does, why things happen the way they do. Why the sun rises and why it sets at certain times. Why the sky is blue when the sun is shining. At other times, there is something blocking the sun from shining. But, the the light is still there. Though, not as bright as when the sun is shining. Other times, a wet substance is falling from the sky making everything it touches wet. Providing the life sustaining substance that all life depends on. When the sun sets, another object is in the sky. Not as bright as the sun that provided light to see their environment. This time their world is dark and cold, this time is the best time to sleep, as little lights were flickering against a striking black sky.

Before long, it was evident everything was happening in cycles. The sun was only shining for certain times before it went away and that other round object was out. Not as bright as the sun and different shapes. At times, it was fully round, other times it was crescent shaped. The weather was warm, then at other times, it was colder.

As the human diet changed from easily gathered plant food to include meats and especially fish. The brain began a remarkable growth, enabling our ancestors to process thought and communication, so when humans began to band together and begin the first communities, some 20.000 years ago. Our ancestors were questioning why the world was the way it is, Why everything changed in cycles, why there were night and why there were day, why the weather changed the way it did and most importantly, why we are here and why everything exists.

As spoken language improved, ideas were exchanged and reasons were attempted to explain these questions. Just like that young child tries to process and understand  his or her environment and surroundings. As that child learns to communicate, the learning process begins. Initially the child is 

dependant on learning from one or two parents and others in the immediate family. Until that child learns to reason and interpret that information through basically, learning how to learn, and how to interpret and understand his or her environment.

Before our ancestors learnt how to reason, Various ideas and notions existed why our planet is the way it is. and how things change. Soon the only viable explanation was a controller or creator for everything. Various gods were invented to explain what was not understood by our earlier ancestors.

Steadily, as the human intelligence and understanding improved, the many gods that previously explained supposedly everything from why we are here and why everything exists were rejected down to just one god who was the most superior creator of everything, including humans.

And why not? Our earlier ancestors had no way of understanding what happened and why things happened the way they did. They had not learned how to reason.

When god created everything, including us. There is not need to question anything. Everything is easily explained away as – God did it. Or – God made it. and – God ensures … etc.

Today, science is attempting to explain the main questions that have baffled our ancestors for millennia. Science does not attempt or pretend to have answers for everything.

Science does not pretend to claim – science did it. Science made it, or, Science ensures …etc. Science does not pretend – Evolution did it. Evolution made it. Or, evolution ensures … etc.

But, science is beginning to explain with overwhelming evidence, based on what can be seen and what can be argued for an explanation of what, how and why. Science is not reliant on what cannot be seen, what cannot be proven. Science is not reliant on… faith.

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