The Texas Republican Party convention was really, um, something

For the first time in four years, Texas Republicans met in person at their state party convention over the weekend. And boy, did they make up for lost time.


* They approved a measure that stated that President Joe Biden “was not legitimately elected.”

* They rebuked the 10 Senate Republicans involved in the bipartisan talks on gun legislation – including Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who was booed during his speech Friday at the convention.

* They voted to advance language in the party platform that describes homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice” and calls on students “to learn about the humanity of the preborn child.”

* They harassed Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, calling him “eye patch McCain.” (Crenshaw lost an eye during military service in Afghanistan.)

Taken together, the message was simple: This is Donald Trump’s party. Period. End of sentence.

“Donald Trump radicalized the party and accelerated the demands from the base,” University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus told the Texas Tribune. “There simply aren’t limits now on what the base might ask for.”



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