Video shows moment Illinois cop fatally shoots man rushing at him with an axe [Distressing Video]

Pulse-pounding body camera footage shows the moment an Illinois man lunges towards an officer with an ax during a traffic stop — before he is fatally shot.

The newly-released video, released last week by the Naperville Police department, shows the terrifying June 3 incident.

The officer involved — a 22-year veteran of the force who has not been identified — was conducting a traffic stop when a silver sedan pulled up alongside the officer and the other vehicle, police said.

The driver of the sedan can be heard making an inaudible comment on the body-camera footage, to which the officer responds, “Who are you, dude? Who are you?”

Dash-cam footage from the officer’s squad car shows Edward C. Samaan, 28, the driver of the silver car, open his door as he rolls up to the scene, before closing it, putting his vehicle in park, and then opening it again.

A man pulled up next to a cop conducting a traffic stop in Chicago, pulled out an axe and charged at him before he was shot dead.

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