Are potatoes the devil’s food?

Sir Tainley

A good Christian appreciates an appeal to scripture as an authoritative way to determine how they should behave.

What they are we to make of things that aren’t mentioned in scripture. Gay marriages… are not mentioned in scripture. Therefore, some argue, they are undesirable and displeasing to God… sinful even.

Similarly… potatoes are not mentioned in scripture. They spring from the depths of the ground! (Sheol is described as being underground, in the depths, in many places)

God is clear about giving us “every green plant for food” in the creation story. But… potatoes aren’t green, in fact… the green part of potatoes is toxic and inedible to people.

And then there’s the matter that potatoes are inherently dirty, and the term dirt is only used in scripture to indicate uncleanliness.

So, I put it to you… since potatoes are not mentioned, or described in scripture… and nothing about them is normal… should we assume they are unclean and not fit for godly people to consume?

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