BIDEN’S NEW US NAVY: Training Video Teaches Members How to Use “Proper Pronouns” and About “safe spaces” [VIDEO]

Approved ~ MJM

In a new instructional video that looks more like teaching geared for 3rd graders than the most advanced military in the world; sailors are instructed to create an inclusive, safe space by using the correct pronouns.

As if speaking correctly, down to the most minuscule part of speech – the pronoun forms the underpinnings of a well-functioning, prepared military, able to fulfill their mission.

In Elementary school, teachers often instruct students to remember something by repeating facts. Students are also taught to list nice things about each other. The Navy apparently wants to reinforce these ideas. The video instructs service members to go “through a progression of three good things about the person using their pronouns.”

“Let’s say the person chooses to use ‘they,’” Vasquez says. “Then you will in your mind go, ‘They have a nice shirt. They have a nice smile. They are really smart.’ So that kinda sticks in your brain.”



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