January 6 Show Trials Expose Biden Democrats at a Low Ebb


The January 6 show trials have captivated Biden’s liberal base, which has unabashedly embraced banana republic-style persecution of the Right. But the Democratic party’s fixation with January 6 and their sharply partisan distortion of the events of that day are out of step with the wider population. Less than half of Americans now hold Donald Trump responsible for the riot, and Trump has become more, not less popular, since the “insurrection.” If a Trump-Biden election were held today, Trump would win. It seems increasingly possible, even likely, that Trump will be the first president since Grover Cleveland to serve two nonconsecutive terms.

Democrats know that their hold on power is tenuous and that Joe Biden is a weak and unpopular incumbent. The very media outlets that made Biden the president are now cutting him loose, with the New York Times reporting “whispers” in the Democratic Party about Biden’s age. Biden’s Democratic allies are none too eager to endorse his reelection. The man who, we are told, received 81 million votes in the most democratic election in U.S. history is being disowned less than halfway through his first (and, as now seems likely, only) term.

Biden was never vetted. He was pushed into power due to partisan censorship and an avalanche of propaganda. One has to wonder how many Biden voters feel misled. They were told that Biden was a trustworthy, familiar moderate, an exemplary statesman, even one who would usher in “normalcy.” But he has governed, as detractors predicted, as a vicious, inept demagogue and a pawn of his party’s left-wing. Only now, with the election long over and Biden’s incapacity having become too great and too obvious a liability for his party, are we permitted cautiously to discuss questions previously buried about his fitness and his family’s corrupt ties to China and Ukraine.

Is this how “democracy” is supposed to work?


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