Tangshan: Chinese police deputy dismissed over attack on female diners

A deputy police director in China has been removed from office following an investigation into a brutal attack on a group of women in a restaurant.

The attack in Tangshan city saw a group of men beating four female diners.

The incident, captured in a shocking viral video, sparked an intense debate about gender violence in China.

A report released on Tuesday found the handling of the case by the deputy director of district police and other officers had been “slow and improper”.

The provincial public security department report did not make clear whether the deputy director – surnamed Li – had been sacked or suspended.

The violence, which occurred in the early hours of 10 June, saw a man approach a woman and put his hand on her back at a barbeque restaurant in Lubei district in Tangshan, a city in northern Hebei province. The woman responded by pushing him away.

The assault has sparked renewed debate about gender violence in China

The man is then seen striking her in retaliation before other men drag her outside and continue bludgeoning her as she lies on the floor.

The group of men are also seen attacking her dining partners. Another woman who tried to intervene was pushed away before landing on the back of her head against the stairs.

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