‘Snowflake Mountain’: Spoiled Gen Zers who ‘hate walking’ lose it in the wild

Approved ~ MJM

This summer, get ready for the snowflakes to melt.

New Netflix reality series “Snowflake Mountain” features a group of delicate, immature 20-somethings who party hard, can’t hold down jobs and still live with their parents. These “snowflakes” — which the show defines as young people who are “overly emotional, easily offended and dramatic” — are sent into the wilderness, in an effort to push them into growing up. The show premieres Wednesday, June 22, and culminates in an outstanding cast member snagging $50,000.

“I am very dramatic. People say, ‘Why do you have to always be on [Level] 10?’ But I don’t feel like I’m spoiled,” contestant Deandra Joseph, 24, told The Post. 

“But to other people, I can see why they’d say that,” said the Brooklyn-based makeup artist, who lives with her parents and has trouble holding down a job. “I feel like I work hard for my stuff. But I understand the term [snowflake].”


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