American Right Wing Christian Scum win: Abortion banned in US

They’ve done it, Trump’s true legacy of malice has been exposed, American Right Wing Christian Scum have won, and Abortion has just been banned by the Republican rigged Supreme Court!

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

“Women will die”: Chicago health care worker describes concern about illegal abortions

Ann Marie Staff, a 59-year-old registered nurse from outside Chicago, got news of the court’s decision on her walk from a New York City hotel to Washington Square Park.

Sitting on a park bench amid vendors, other tourists and students from nearby New York University, she quietly described the moment as “overwhelming.”

I have to hand on heart tell you I never believed Liberals who claimed Roe vs Wade could ever be overturned!

I thought it was something we told our daughters as a scary joke while tucking them into bed at night, ‘You go to sleep right now or the Republicans will sneak in and take away your basic human rights!”

Make no mistake this is a far right Christian attack on the rights of women backed by a lunatic fringe of 30% dictating to the other 70% something as intrinsic as basic health services.

This is the true legacy of spite Trump planted and its toxic harvest will literally kill.

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