Jan. 6th Hearings: A Lesson in Political Courage

Republicans everywhere should learn from those who paid a real price for standing up for the truth and the rule of law.

I am a lifelong Republican. My parents and grandparents were as well, and they taught me that our party was defined by the principles of respect for the rule of law and faithful service to the Constitution.

The hearings of the House January 6th Committee, particularly this past Tuesday’s hearing, have been a master class in upholding those principles.

With calm integrity, Republican state and local election officials told the committee—and our country—how they withstood immense pressure from former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the will of the people in the 2020 election.

When they did the right thing and stood by the accurate results in their states, they and their families were harassed and threatened.

Quietly supporting the Jan. 6th Committee’s work is not enough. Privately knowing the difference between right and wrong is not enough.

Courage means speaking out loudly to counter the lies that are still being spread about the 2020 election. It means praising the witnesses who defended the rule of law at their personal expense. It means standing up for the integrity of future elections.

Now is the time for Republicans to put themselves on the record with strong support for democracy and the truth. This is not politics as usual. People’s lives are being put in danger.


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