Increasing turnout isn’t ‘rigging’ elections. It may be unrigging them.

On Friday, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court banned the use of ballot drop boxes in the state’s elections.

At issue was whether the Wisconsin Election Commission had the power to allow the use of drop boxes in 2020 as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. The court determined that it did not. But should anyone have been under any misapprehension that the decision was not deeply rooted in partisan politics, the majority opinion will clear that up.

“[T]housands of votes have been cast via this unlawful method, thereby directly harming the Wisconsin voters,” it states as the author argues that the voters who filed the lawsuit had standing to do so. “The illegality of these drop boxes weakens the people’s faith that the election produced an outcome reflective of their will.”

In other words, that ballots were cast by drop box and because those drop boxes have now been determined to be illegal … people’s faith in the election is weakened? This is an argument that could have been lifted directly from a Newsmax segment about the need for “election audits.”

Predictably, Donald Trump and his allies quickly celebrated the ruling. This, they argued, was validation of a central tenet of their complaints about the 2020 election: It had been “rigged” against the sitting president! The ruling was touted as undercutting the idea that the election had been fair and prompted calls for the results in the state to be decertified.


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