What redistricting looks like across the country

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Here’s how new congressional maps shift voting power in every state
By Janie Boschma, Renée Rigdon, Byron Manley and Ethan Cohen, CNN
Additional reporting and design by Melissa DePalo, Eleanor Stubbs and Christopher Hickey, CNN

Last updated: July 22, 2022

Every 10 years, states redraw the boundaries of their congressional districts to reflect new population counts from the census. In this year’s midterm elections, candidates will be running in these newly redrawn districts. US law requires that each of the 435 districts in the House of Representatives have the same number of people, which means 13 states are gaining or losing seats in Congress depending on their state’s population change between 2010 and 2020.

Toggle between the two maps to see how redistricting has changed the country after the census, based on how the residents voted for president in 2020. Click or tap on any state to take a closer look at how each one has redrawn their maps:

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