Plot Holes in the Christmas/Nativity Story

Severus Grinch

Well, since it’s an appallingly warm July, let’s talk Christmas.

The events of the nativity/birth of Jesus is authoritatively covered by four chapters in the gospels: Luke 1, Luke 2, Matthew 1, and Matthew 2.

There is also a “5th Gospel” apocryphal version which most Christians intuitively know, which blends (and adds!) to the story, which most Christmas imagery and celebrations reflect.

Anyway, the question for discussion is:

What are plot holes in the Nativity/Christmas story?

Out of consideration for good discussion… instead of posting a thesis-length list of plot holes… consider posting them as separate posts.  That way people can address a single point in discussion, and other points you raise don’t get lost, but get their own conversation.

Also… silly Christmas memes very welcome.

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