White House Has No Good Answer on Border Wall Hypocrisy as Past Statements Come Back to Haunt


The Biden administration is moving to complete sections of the border wall that were left unfinished in Arizona. Upon taking office, the current president gave an order to cease all construction started during Donald Trump’s term, a decision that has proven disastrous as the Yuma sector has become one of the most illegally entered and deadly in the country.

Now, with the sudden reversal, the White House has been left scrambling to explain why it’s all of a sudden the right time to build the border wall. To be frank, they have no good answer, which was illustrated during today’s press briefing. Karine Jean-Pierre continued her tenure as the worst press secretary in history with this banger.

Doocy: “Why is the Biden Administration building a border wall in Arizona?”
Jean-Pierre: “We are not finishing the wall, we are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their failed attempt to build a wall.”

Imagine giving that nonsensical response with a straight face, yet somehow, Jean-Pierre manages. They are “cleaning up the mess” the prior administration left behind? What an absolutely insane contention. Trump did everything he could to get the wall built and built quickly. That it wasn’t completed under his tenure was due to time constraints and obstruction from Congress. Even then, Biden could have come into the White House and continued construction. He chose not to, and the absolute disaster at the border is completely on his head.

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