Girls, three years old and one day, may be betrothed by Intercourse!

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Girls, three years old and one day, may be betrothed by Intercourse!

This discussion has been one of the hardest, if not the hardest, I have written for the Disqus blog. Not for anything technically, but for the way religion treats females, especially those we today see as children.  I am a father, albeit an old one now, and have first-hand experience of the horror of loosing a nineteen-year-old daughter. Children to me are precious, they are our future. Yet, Jewish law in antiquity used 3-year-old, and one day as sacrificial brides, in the name of their God! The wording used: “A girl who is three years and one day old, whose father arranged her betrothal, is betrothed through intercourse.” Niddah 44b, see verse 9  

Those Christians among us, might say, but, Christianity did not do that?  But they did, priest, pastors, and parsons are still sexually abusing Children, whether it was a church dogma or not!  Probably, every religion in the world is guilty of sexual crimes against children.

Ancient Paedophiles

First, I should say that the information for this discussion comes from the Old Testament (OT), Niddah 44a/44b/45a, a traditional from Judaism, describes a girl’s transformation to womanhood, and the Talmud/Sanhedrin 69b.  However, this discussion is from the research of the above text, and it is not to say I believe what I write, but most Jews and Christians do!  I am merely a conveyor of what has been written in the past.

Jedediah also spelt Jedidiah, the second name given by God through the prophet Nathan in infancy to Solomon, second son of King David and Bathsheba.2 Samuel 12:25 We know Jedediah better as king Solomon, the son of David, King of the United Kingdom of Israel.  However, this discussion is not about Solomon, nor really about David, although David will be mentioned not for his heroics against Goliath or whatever, but for something we see today as child sexual abuse.  That said, Jewish tradition on marriage laws have changed in the last two-thousand to suit the morality of today. The Niddah as described above is part of the Mishnah, and it’s contained in the sixth order of the Mishnah, called the Tohorot. It contains twelve tractates, with the Niddah being one, which deals with the clean/unclean distinction and family purity. 

I married when I was six, and when I was seven, I gave birth. Woe for those three years, between the age of three, when I was fit for intercourse, and the age of six, when I married, as I wasted those years in my father’s house by not engaging in intercourse.

Yusteni was not the only extremely young mother mentioned in the Talmud. In fact, the Talmud in the Sanhedrin (69b) entertains the possibility that a girl as young as six years of age could give birth to a child. And who could be the holder of such a record? It was Batsheva, the wife of King David. Niddah 45a

In the OT, we find David walking on the roof of the palace (archaeologist have not found this palace anywhere in Jerusalem) when he spots a woman bathing (not the child as quote in the Niddah 45a). Then David sends his men to find who she is, and they report back to him, and he tells them to fetch her, and he sleeps with her. Bathsheba goes home and sends word to David that she is pregnant. That’s the Christian story according to Christian OT. 2 Samuel 11:1-5 NIV. 

Yet, research shows King David to be a paedophile, or at least a so-called king who has sex with a six-year-old, and fathers a son, Solomon, according to Jewish tradition.  What do you say?

Nota Bene. I will be indisposed for the next week on health issues and the bereavement of two sisters, who died within 3 days of each other. 

Dedicated to Jennifer (d. July 28th, 2022, and Blodwen (white flower) d. July 31st, 2022.)




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