Migrant-loving lefties live in a Dreamerworld

Migrant-loving lefties live in a Dreamerworld
A group of migrants reacts after arriving at Port Authority Bus Terminal from Texas on August 10. YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Who are the “Dreamers” in America? In recent years the term has been used to describe young people who have been brought to America illegally. But — taking a leaf from the Democratic playbook — I would like to suggest a change of use. From now on can we use the term “Dreamers” to describe anyone who believes that this country’s border system can go on as it is? 

The sort of people who think that it is sustainable to have millions of illegal immigrants flood into the United States every year. The people who think that having any border at all is basically bigoted. 

Such views used to be held only by a “progressive” fringe. But today they are mainstream on the Democratic side. That is how far the Democratic Party has moved. 

It isn’t so long ago that they thought differently. In 1996 the party´s platform said, “Today´s Democratic Party also believes we must remain a nation of laws. We cannot tolerate illegal immigration and we must stop it.” Just consider the difference between that platform of only a quarter of a century ago and the same party today. Today that statement would be said to be “restrictionist,” bigoted and probably racist. 

‘Asylum seekers’ 

In only a few decades illegal migrants have become “undocumented migrants,” “Dreamers” and much more. The Democratic Party has moved from worrying about illegal immigration toward encouraging it. As they did when they stopped construction of the border wall. Like their left-wing counterparts in Europe, they seem to believe that anyone trying to break into the country is an “asylum seeker” and that countries like the US have a duty to take in anyone in the world who wants to move here. 

Just one of the problems of this is that it is unsustainable. A fact that is finally hitting Dem politicians where it hurts. On their own doorstep. 

Protesters at Port Authority hold signs saying that Mayor Adams "has no plan" for housing migrants.
Protesters at Port Authority hold signs saying that Mayor Adams “has no plan” for housing migrants.

It used to be so easy for leftists in Washington and New York to talk the mantras of the day. “No human is illegal” became one of the fatuous slogans of our day. Say that you wanted a wall on the southern border and you were a “nativist.” Say that you were opposed to it and you got virtue points. 

All this did was to encourage the flow of illegal migrants across the southern border. In a poll last year, members of the progressive left said — by a whopping 86% — that they agreed with the phrase “People who have immigrated into the US illegally generally make the communities they live in better.” They said that because for them it was all just theory. Only people in places like Texas had to experience it in reality. 

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