Republican senator tells constituents he supports $35 insulin cap, days after voting against it

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley told a group of his constituents in Iowa that he supports the “$35 cap” on insulin, part of a larger prescription drug and healthcare legislative package that aims to cut monthly out-of-pocket drug costs for millions of Americans with diabetes.

But he voted against the idea earlier this month.

The cap was initially included in congressional Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, a major piece of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda that, among other things, intends to lower the costs of prescription drugs. It passed on a party-line vote in the upper chamber, with all Republicans voting against it.

In a video shared by Iowa Starting Line on 17 August, Senator Grassley says he is “for the $35 cap” then argues that capping insulin costs does not limit the role of pharmacy benefit managers, the companies that manage drug pricing benefits on behalf of health insurance companies and federal- and state-level plans.

The Inflation Reduction Act limits monthly insulin copays to $35 for Medicare beneficiaries beginning next year, while also capping annual out-of-pocket costs for older Americans insured by the federal health programme at $2,000.

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