WH Definition of ‘Extremist’ Is Unhinged as Are Their Imaginary Job Numbers

So you’re an “extremist” if you don’t agree with the majority. Talk about a fascist approach, and that just might be it. Disagreement is not allowed.

But on top of that, who is the extremist here by that approach? Biden is at 38 percent approval and his Administration is one of the most radical we have ever had. Sounds like he’s not in the “majority” and he’s the “extremist.” It’s also pretty extremist when you break all norms to attack millions of Americans.

Jean-Pierre said, “That was the plan they put forward…And he called, he called that extreme. He called out the MAGA Republicans in the Senate for that and that was also going to cut taxes on the middle class.” If she was saying that it’s extreme to cut taxes on the middle class, that’s nuts. But given everything else she’s said, it’s easy to believe that she could say that. But if she was trying to say something else there, she completely failed.

But again remember, it isn’t about facts or reality, it’s about what they think helps the narrative, even if it means making things up.

Jean-Pierre was also talking about the jobs report. We wrote how there are still a lot of concerns in the report. But she wanted to put a spin on how wonderful their “job creation” was and she came up with this piece of ridiculousness: that Biden had “created” nearly “ten thousand million jobs.”


Now first, Biden isn’t “creating” any jobs by people returning to work from the pandemic. Maybe he’s “creating” people taking on second jobs to pay for the higher costs of everything because of Bidenflation. But what the heck is “ten thousand million”? Is that like a bazillion? What is she talking about? Moreover, she read that from her book, so it looks like that was written that way. If she meant 10 billion, that’s more than all the people on Earth. It is, however, less than the money that we’ve spent on Ukraine. So again, they’re just saying things that have no relation to the truth.