LGBTQ© Groomer Roundup: One-Fifth of Gen Z Now ‘Queer,’ Entire 2nd Grade Class Spontaneously Changes Pronouns

Study: ‘21% of Generation-Z Americans… identify as LGBTQ’

In a single generation – millennial to Gen Z – the respective percentage of the population self-identifying as “LGBTQ+++©” has doubled.

Via The Guardian:

“21% of Generation-Z Americans – those born between 1997 and 2003 – who have reached adulthood identify as LGBTQ, more than double the proportion of millennial adults who do so.”

Of course, leftist groomers will do mental gymnastics to obfuscate the issue. They’ll claim that this unprecedented spike in self-identified “LGBTQ+++©” youth is all the organic result of liberating “queer” children from social stigma.

Intuition – common sense — indicates that’s nonsense.

Heterosexuality is necessary for the reproduction of a species. As such, all mammals have a fundamental evolutionary incentive to copulate with members of the opposite sex. The reproductive organs of male and females are designed for interface.

Ergo, heterosexuality is the norm for mammals. Deviation from the norm is, by definition, abnormal. Other primates, homo sapiens’ closest relatives in the animal kingdom, do not practice “queer” lifestyles:

“Humans are unique among primates for not only engaging in same-sex sexual acts, but also forming homosexual pair bonds.”

There are no non-binary gorillas or pansexual orangutans doing gay orgies in the heart of the Congo.

Even if/when homosexuality occurs as an aberration – a deviation from the norm — no reasonable person not blinded by ideology would expect a doubling of such abnormal sexual behavior to occur in a single generation organically in nature.

The reason that more and more children abruptly decide they are “queer” is that children, by their nature, are vulnerable, programmable and malleable.

Their impressionable self-perception, and the fact that children are the future, are the reasons that groomers of any ideology always target them first. They can be conditioned to believe literally anything – including that they’re some other gender.

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