DeSantis Gives Word Salad Answer When Asked to Defend Spending Florida Tax Dollars on Texas Migrants 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) gave a rambling answer during a press conference on Friday when asked to defend why his state’s tax dollars were used to fly migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

The exchange began with a reporter noting that the state’s budget allocation of funds to relocate migrants “says that you have to use it for and get them out of this state. How do you justify using the money if they started in Texas?”

DeSantis’s response was a true word salad:

Because they’re — most of them were intending to come to Florida. They are coming to Florida. We are taking them from Florida to sanctuary jurisdictions. But the issue is, if you want to do it effectively, you just can’t police. If you have two people in a car and there’s a hundred different cars that come in a different week because it looks like your car or anybody else. So we put a lot of emphasis in this. There’s been a lot of investigations to try to figure out how this is going to.

The clip was shared online by Spectrum News 13 Orlando anchor Greg Angelwho pointed out that Florida State Sen. Jeff Brandes made the same point as the reporter regarding the budget and cited the text.

Here’s the language in the budget. It allows for only transport ‘from this state’. I’m awaiting clarification on where the funds came from and if the authorization for them is not from this language, where is it from,” Brandes wrote on Twitter.


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