“Prophecy Fails”

I’ve been told –

Jesus fulfilled 29 prophecies in one day. This was calculated by the late mathematician Peter Stoner.

A skeptic might argue, Perhaps Jesus, acquainted with these Old Testament prophecies, purposefully tried to fulfill these predictions in order to appear to be the Messiah.  (Actually, a skeptic might argue that it never happened at all.  That the gospel authors, familiar with the Hebrew Bible, wrote verses to fulfill what they misinterpreted as prophecy into the fictional story.)

Some of the prophecies about the Messiah such as the words He would speak on the cross could be explained that way (again I would argue that he never said the completely inconsistent “7 last words”). But there are other Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah made hundreds of years before the fact over which Jesus had NO CONTROL (I can’t help but notice the inability of so many, to see things from a perspective that isn’t their own… no matter what you think about Jesus, we should be able to agree that the authors of the gospels had access to much of the OT.)

Now I got this list from Edwin who proposed to present 8 examples of prophecy that have been fulfilled. Since this has been copied and pasted to many of you, you might have noticed that there are only 7 examples here… but I digress, here’s the list.

the place of His birth(Micah 5:2), the time of His birth(Daniel 9:25), the manner of His birth(Isaiah 7:14), His betrayal for thirty pieces of silver(Zechariah 11:12), the manner of His death(Psalm 22:16), the people’s reaction to His death(Psalm 22:7,8), and His burial in a rich man’s tomb(Isaiah 53:9).

I would propose that none of these are fulfilled prophecy. The only one I want to briefly dig into is Daniel who pretended to be Daniel in the 6th century, but was actually an author in the 2nd century for the most part… essentially writing history and pretending it’s prophecy. For the record, this author still got a lot wrong in his history/prophecy. Many of the rest don’t deserve replies, but I’m sure we can cover it in the comments.

Are there any legitimate biblical prophecies, since so many people hang their faith on it?

Does biblical prophecy being true matter to you? Meaning, would it be convincing to a non-believer if true, or is it an important part of the faith of a believer?

The above list isn’t very compelling, does anyone have a better example? side note… don’t tell me about a nation created in a day… just like every nation in the entire history of nations. Or at least tell me in a good way, if that’s your go to.