The Multiple Layers Of Republican Lies

The Multiple Layers Of Republican Lies

DISCLAIMER: If you support lying to asylum seeking families, shipping them off to places that have not been informed or prepared to help them, while assigning them court dates in opposite sides of the nation all in a cruel and failed effort to prove liberals are bad, and pretending that helping them get to where they need to be is deportation, you can stop reading now. This OP is not for you, you’re irredeemable, and you will more than likely burn in hell with your predecessors.

As noted in the disclaimer above, the GOP has once again committed inhumane acts of dishonesty and cruelty, and they have already begun their usual campaign of lies to try to minimize their crimes. It is important, to be able to fight their lunacy and indecency, to understand how their lies work on multiple layers. Specifically, we need to look at the contents, configuration and proliferation of those layers. Only then can we really start to understand why they are so effective, even on people who normally would not be so utterly broken.


Republican lies rely on three forms of content:

  • Base Desire
  • Dishonesty
  • Projection

Base desire is simply the question of why this is important to lie about, or what the lie services. This can be anything from protecting ego to protecting something fundamentally valuable, so it is not a negative in nature. This is also where compassion and empathy can be utilized, since the goals of people are displayed here. Sadly, these goals are sometimes reprehensible as well, and so it must be made clear if the lie services a desire that is positive, neutral, or negative, before deciding on the tactic for confronting it. Too many times we attack a positive desire while letting a negative one slip by unchallenged, and the GOP takes solace in that and uses it to cast all opponents as extremists in their own right.

Dishonesty, on the other hand, is quite simply the part that is not true, and is known by the teller to be not true. It is different from a flawed or faulty observation. These are objectively false statements meant to distort reality, and service once again the desire at the core of the lie. There is a large difference between saying that a policy proposal may or may not help someone, and lying about the recorded impact of an already established policy. The dishonesty comes from being confronted with the truth and denying it anyway.

Lastly, projection is vital to almost every GOP lie. Often enough liberals seem to think that shaming Republicans might deter them from an action, and other times they think that Republicans have no shame. Personally, my observation is that Republicans live so deeply in shame that it has become part of their identity. You see it in fundamentalist churches, where preachers talk about how they are scum on God’s shoe, and you see it in Republican rallies, where any disagreement with the leader is considered heresy. Mostly though you see it in the individuals and in how angry they are, about their own place in life as well as the victimization mentality they display.

So it is not surprising that GOP lies contain projection of their own self-loathing. It is a common enough defense mechanism; if others as as terrible as you, then you aren’t really that bad. If you would reject helping people in need, you need to believe others would as well, or you are confronted with your limitations and personal flaws. If you believe liars, then you must believe others are being lied to and believe it just as hard. If you support sadistic and cruel actions, it must be because the world is sadistic and cruel.


These contents generally can be seen in every Republican narrative, but it’s not as simple as Desire leads to Dishonesty with Projection. No, the configuration plays a large role in how these lies are packaged and presented. Some are simple, some are complex, and most are mixed in between.

The simple configuration needs a Base Desire, say that you want your candidate to win an election, confronted with a problem, that they did not win their election. To protect that Base Desire, a Dishonesty must be crafted, say, the election was incorrect in some way. This allows the Desire to remain unconfronted, and the Projection comes in that you ascribe the reason it was incorrect being that the other side had a Base Desire to win too, and so they cheated.

But this is a simplistic version that doesn’t last long. No, to really make it stick, you have to add layers throughout. You didn’t just Desire your person to win the election, they deserved to win the election. They needed to win the election. And in the reality you desire, they did win the election.

This leads to the Dishonesty. The election was rigged. Voters were lied to. Votes were not counted right. Election machines changed results. People committed voter fraud. Officials interfered with the elections. The people support your guy. Everyone else is lying.

And that last one lines up perfectly with Projection. Did your party gerrymander districts? So what, the other party did it worse! Did your candidate lie and get caught out? So what, all politicians lie. Were there attempts to not have certain votes counted by your party? The other side did it too! Did election machines ever shows signs of having problems? They must all be flawed! Did your fellow supporters commit voter fraud? The election must be riddled with it, especially on the other side! Did your candidate try to interfere with election officials? The other side must have done worse! Did the totals show that most people do not agree with you? It must be the other side lying about the numbers! Is your candidate known as the most prolific liar in US political history? It must be everyone else on the globe lying to you!

It’s all layered together into a configuration that looks like this: the obviously corrupt Democrats attempts to manipulate the election apparatus and change the results of the election cause Trump to have to intervene to limit access to corrupt officials, pressure officials to lie and change the results, and those very few people who committed voter fraud (on behalf of your candidate) show that voter fraud is rampant, in support of the other guy of course.


You can argue any of the points above, but if you do not argue it in its entirety, the lie lives on. Even accepting the premise by debating it gives it power. Why would you spend so much time arguing it if it didn’t have some kernel of truth that you’re trying to deny? Why are you so obsessed with the person we keep bringing to the fore of political conversation? Why aren’t you interested in getting to the bottom of this obvious problem we made up? Didn’t you also say there were issues with elections, so how can you now say that questioning it is wrong?

Any and all things you try that doesn’t dismantle the entire structure will never work and will in fact give fuel to the fire. This is why Republicans push to make you reactive. The more you lean into their absurd claims, the more they can surround you and trap you away from the foundation of reality. If you engage into the delusions they peddle, you are now part of their echo strategy. If you do not engage it, you are tacitly saying it should remain unchallenged. Neither is appealing or useful.

The only way to stop the proliferation of a Republican lie is to not engage it immediately beyond a dismissal, gather all the context and arguments, and then find a way to condense it for easy proliferation yourself. This is incredibly hard to do. Coming up with a good, cogent argument that can easily be digested is infinitely harder than saying something profoundly stupid and dishonest and simply repeating it despite any proof. But it is the only way to stand firm against it, because they lies work like waves against a cliff, slipping around and looking for any purchase on land. Any chip or incomplete block allows it to slip through and cause more damage.


So far I’ve used the example of the Big Lie to illustrate general examples. However, as noted at the very top there is a more recent lie that has made this tactic crystal clear, and showed why we need to stand up to this tactic strongly and united. For those of you who have not been following the news, Ron DeSantis, the MAGA governor of Florida, recently defrauded both his own citizens and asylum seeking families by sending people to create fake addresses across the USA for 43 people, setting up immediate court dates in those locations, and then lying to them about sending them to a place with organized resources and jobs. What he actually did was round up families from Texas and put them on a plane to Martha’s Vineyard, a resort island in Massachusetts, without informing anyone of their impending arrival and knowing that the island would not have the resources to help them. He did this intending to cause a crisis, and sent along a cameraman to record it. It is also being debated if he did this knowing that it would be difficult to impossible for the families to get to their faked residences in time to show for court, thus getting them kicked out of the country.

Either way, it is objective fact and his own confessed intention that he wanted to harm the residents of Martha’s Vineyard and did not care about the wellbeing of the families he defrauded. This cruel act failed when the people of Martha’s Vineyard immediately came to help, and donations poured in to assist these families get to the places they needed to go. Within 24 hours, the people had received medical care, food, shelter, money, telephones, and a plan was made to set up a center in the mainland at Cape Cod. The families were well equipped, fed and then helped to their next destinations as required by the immigration and asylum residence laws DeSantis tried to abuse.

This is obviously not the outcome the GOP wanted, so they have engaged in their usual campaign of lies. As such, they mixed their Base Desires (“owning the libs,” rallying their anti-immigrant base, distracting from their anti-choice platform) with Dishonesty about every aspect of this situation (calling them illegal immigrants, the aforementioned frauds, claiming residents freaked out, claiming they were deported, and hilariously mistakenly comparing the actions of a MAGA governor of a state these people weren’t even from with the Republican governor of Massachusetts). Then they Proliferated it by repeating the same lies over and over and over again, despite every bit of evidence showing them instantly wrong. Even today they refuse to admit any of it is false, despite every non-MAGA person being well informed on the objective truth.


Take a look at any “conservative” site or commentator, and you’ll find the above lies being spread like wildfire, with no sign of slowing. Does this mean that there’s nothing to be done? No. It means that there are people who simply cannot be helped or redeemed. There are people who are desperate to believe lies because they’ve sunk so much of themselves into deeply cruel, evil and corrupt movements, and now cannot extract themselves without a severe look at their actions. Very few people have the strength of character to do this, and most are lost forever. This OP is not an effort to save these people, or even to argue that they should be saved. I personally no longer believe that they should be saved, and would rather they suffer for all the harm they have caused.

Instead, the conclusion of this OP is simply this: do not give an inch.

Letting any of their lie through gives it air to burn. Accepting their false premises and delusional claims, even to argue against their worst claims, only services their dishonesty. Do not let them dictate the conversation or design reality. Always argue from objective reality and draw conclusions from that, not from some mythical “shared” reality. Have compassion for the positive desires they show and showcase back how their lies do not effectively service them. Give them alternatives if you really want to help them, but focus especially on protecting yourself and others from their lies and the consequences thereof.

Do not give an inch.

Questions for discussion:

  • Do you agree with this breakdown? What is missing / wrong?
  • Do you think other people lie differently? In what ways?
  • How would you introduce scale to the claim that all politicians lie?
  • What basic standards of humanity should we demand from public servants?
  • What consequences should we mete out for failing the basic standards of humanity?
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