House GOP quickly removes its ‘Commitment to America’ shortly after making it public online

House Republicans are set to release their policy platform that includes a critical assessment of Democrats’ proposal to reduce the cost of popular prescription drugs as they propose cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

In a piece published by HuffPost, writers Paul Blumenthal and Jonathan Nicholson reported about a document leaked on Wednesday, September 21.

Per the writers’ report, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) planned to announce the Republicans’ “Commitment to America” agenda. However, the writers noted, “a multi-page document bearing that name briefly appeared online Wednesday on McCarthy’s website.”

Shortly after the document was released and shared via Twitter by New York Times reporter Annie Karni, the viewing capabilities were changed on the site and it became password protected. However, multiple screenshots were taken. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also took to Twitter with screenshots of Republicans’ proposed platform.

Per HuffPost, “The website placed policies into four separate categories: economic policies; immigration and national security; schools, health care, and technology; and an amorphous grouping of so-called government reforms.”

“The GOP document promises to ‘fight inflation and curb the cost of living,’ but the only policies it proposes are federal government spending cuts. It also promises to cut taxes, which could increase inflation, and government regulations,” the writers also noted.

House GOP quickly removes its ‘Commitment to America’ shortly after making it public online (

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