Liberal NBC Screws Up: Admits the Unborn Are ‘Babies in the Womb’

NBC’s Today 3rd Hour on Thursday screwed up and described unborn babies in the womb as… unborn babies in the womb. Someone will no doubt have to be punished for this breach of journalistic decorum. In an otherwise light-hearted segment on the food pregnant moms eat and the impact it has, Sheinelle Jones blurted, “We want to show you amazing baby faces. Researchers in Britain wanted to know if babies in the womb react when mom injects a flavor of food.” 

“Babies in the womb”? That’s not the language you usually hear from the liberal media. But it continued. An onscreen NBC graphic about the unborn noted, “Baby Faces! Images Show Possible Reaction to Flavor.” Showing ultrasound images, Jones added, “The left is of a baby in its resting state. Then on the right, see how he smiles.” 

Talking another unborn child, Jones described, “Watch this baby’s reaction. Mom had kale.” Regarding a study on women and the food they eat, the journalist concluded, “The study’s co-author says the images could just show muscle movements when a baby’s reacting to a flavor that’s bitter.” 

In total, 5 unborn “baby” mentions on NBC. Plus, this from the Today Twitter account. 

As Washington Examiner columnist T. Becket Adams pointed out on Twitter, quite the contrast to the USA Today description: 

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