As campaign struggles, Doug Mastriano plans ‘40 days of fasting and prayer’

Sir Tainley

It was billed as a blockbuster, but ended up a flop. If Doug Mastriano’s “big rally” last weekend were a movie, its Rotten Tomatoes score would be in the single digits.

Only a few dozen supporters joined the Republican state senator on the steps of the Capitol building in Harrisburg — some of them members of a local militia group.

The photos looked bad, because it was bad. The press coverage? Brutal.

A few days earlier, Mastriano’s fund-raising troubles had become clear. He’d appeared on a conservative podcast and asked if perhaps U.S. citizens living abroad might consider contributing to his cash-strapped campaign.

The polls don’t look great, either. Democrat Josh Shapiro — who was so convinced that Mastriano would struggle in the general election that he ran ads to help him secure the GOP nomination — has been shelling Mastriano for months with a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign.

Mastriano hasn’t run or booked any TV ads in response. He doesn’t do interviews with most media outlets, and won’t agree to a standard format debate.

On Monday night, Mastriano’s campaign posted on Facebook a photo of two hands under the words “40 days of fasting & prayer” with the dates Sept. 29 through Nov. 8 — Election Day. “Interceding for our elections, our state, and our nation,” it stated, along with a verse from the Book of Isaiah.

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