Employees are afraid they’ll be fired first in layoffs if they’re working remotely. They could be right

For months, bosses have all but gone door-to-door preaching the good word of returning to the office. It was the only way, they said, to ease inflation and for workers to protect themselves from looming layoffs.

While more workers are back in office than ever since the pandemic started, companies have struggled to drag all of them to their desks. Not even the lure of lunchboxes and pizza parties wrangled them in.

But the power dynamic could hit a head if the recession we’ve been worrying about comes to be: 78% of American workers fear that remote employees are more at risk of losing their jobs during a recession that leads to layoffs than the folks who’ve returned to the office full-time, according to employment background check company GoodHire’s second annual “State of Remote Work” report.




Article URL : https://fortune.com/2022/09/28/employees-fear-layoffs-for-remote-workers/

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