South Korea Accidentally Hits Own Base With Missile During Show of Force Against North Korea

South Korea’s military accidentally hit its own air force base during a missile test on Tuesday, according to a new report from the Korea Times. The unfortunate accident caused a fire and sent the opposite of its intended message: That South Korea and the U.S. are ready to respond to North Korea in the event of any military escalation.

North Korea launched a missile test over Japan early Tuesday, prompting the U.S. and South Korea to each launch two Army Tactical Missile System (Atacms) missiles in a coordinated drill. South Korea also launched two Hyunmoo-2 missiles, one of which malfunctioned and landed on its own air force base. In fact, it landed less than half a mile from civilian houses, according to NK News.

No injuries were reported, but residents in the nearby city of Gangneung reported the sound of a loud explosion and a large fire could be seen in several videos posted to social media. The explosion left locals worried that it could have been an attack. Civilians were left in the dark until Wednesday morning due to a news embargo on the drills, according to JoongAng Daily.



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