Trump Lawyer Begins Cooperating With DOJ In Documents Probe

Christina Bobb, who has served as a lawyer for Trump and is also involved with right-wing media, has spoken with federal investigators amid the ongoing federal probe into the handling of classified records from the Trump administration, according to a new NBC report. She answered questions on Friday.

The report says she didn’t appear before a grand jury, although it adds she provided investigators with details about the involvement of two other lawyers associated with Trump. At issue is a statement she signed this summer insisting that all documents marked with an array of classification identifiers that Trump still harbored were getting returned to federal authorities, which was not actually true. Evan Corcoran, a former federal prosecutor, apparently originally drafted the ultimately false statement Bobb signed, and she apparently told investigators as much in her recent communications with department personnel. Corcoran was also physically present when high-ranking Justice Department officials visited Trump’s southern Florida Mar-a-Lago resort in June, at which time they recovered dozens of documents marked classified that were covered by a grand jury subpoena that led to Bobb’s statement.

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