Marjorie Taylor Greene says she supports Jan 6 rioters because trans kids have rights


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) debate with Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers quickly devolved into a spectacle, but one of the strangest moments of the night involved the January 6 insurrectionists and transgender children.

Questioned by Flowers about her support for those who committed the MAGA insurrection, Greene first insisted that she was the victim of the rioters. She admitted that she opposed prosecuting the anti-democratic mob, because the government is doing its job.

When Flowers asked Greene why she was supporting insurrectionists more than the people in her district, the congresswoman tried to pivot.

She simply opposes a “two-tier justice system,” she said. “I will not stand by and watch Merrick Garland turn the Department of Justice into a political weapon and the FBI sending in after parents addressing their school boards, people who walked in the Capitol and have been held in jail for nearly two years while groups like Antifa and BLM rioters go free and never get held accountable.”

“You cannot accuse me of insurrection,” Greene said. “I was a victim of the Jan. 6 riot just as much as any other member of Congress. That was the third day I had on the job. I had nothing to do with what happened there that day, and I will not have you accuse me of that.”

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