David Amess and the hate we dare not name 

The response to every Islamist attack follows the same script. Manchester Arena, London Bridge, Fishmongers’ Hall, Reading – after each attack politicians have told us not to get angry. They treat acts of Islamist violence as if they are natural disasters – to be solemnly mourned before we all promptly move on. Even now that an Islamist terrorist has murdered one of their own, MPs are showing less than zero interest in discussing the real problem we’re confronted with. 

Islamism has become the hate we dare not name – a murderous, fascistic ideology that we’re apparently too afraid to discuss. This conspiracy of silence cannot go on any longer. It is an insult to the memory of David Amess, and the dozens more Brits who have been killed in the name of this barbaric ideology.


LEIGH-ON-SEA, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 15: A photograph of Sir David Amess is displayed during a vigil held at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, following the stabbing of UK Conservative MP Sir David Amess as he met with constituents at a constituency surgery on October 15, 2021 in Leigh-on-Sea, England. Sir David Amess, 69, Conservative MP for Southend West, has died from his injuries after being stabbed multiple times at his constituency surgery taking place in Belfair Methodist Church. A man was arrested at the scene. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)