Texas Launches Outreach Program To Provide Troubled Teens With Assault Rifles

In an effort to enact meaningful change at the community level, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Friday that Texas had launched an outreach program to provide troubled teens with assault rifles. “Starting today, the State of Texas will work with local leaders to identify students most at-risk of perpetuating violence and will pair them with the highest-quality semi-automatic rifles that money can buy,” Abbott said at a press conference, adding that the new policy would help break down the barriers to entry that so many underserved teens faced when trying to purchase a firearm, and would do so by providing free target practice, bump stocks, and hundreds of magazines of bullets. “For too long, these troubled teens have had to go through life feeling powerless because the only guns at their disposal were low-quality, illegally purchased rifles or shotguns. With this program, they will be alone no more, as we will assign them a like-minded, unstable mentor, who can teach them to write manifestos, threaten their peers, and effectively carry out a mass shooting with one of the world’s most dangerous firearms.” At press time, after a flood of interest, Abbott announced that Texas had extended the assault rifle program to troubled children as young as 5 years old.

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