Texas pastor openly calls on ‘Christian nationalists’ to ‘impose their values on society’


Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress said over the weekend that Christian nationalists had a right to “impose their values” on everyone else.

During an interview with Real America’s Voice host Tim Clinton, Jeffress addressed recent concerns about the rising nationalist movement among Christians.

“We always put our love for God above everything, even allegiance to our country,” he explained. “But that’s not what they’re really talking about. Listen carefully. They say they are opposed to people who say America was founded as a Christian nation, Americans who believe not only in the spiritual heritage of our nation, but believe that we ought to use elections to help return our country to its Christian foundation.”

“If that’s Christian nationalism, count me in,” the pastor laughed. “Because that’s what we have to do. And what’s so hypocritical about this, Tim, is the left don’t mind at all imposing their values on our country through the election process. They don’t mind forcing their pro-abortion, pro-transgender, pro-open borders policy upon our nation.”


Article URL : https://www.rawstory.com/robert-jeffress-christian-nationalists/

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